8:30-9:00am : Registration/Breakfast

Come early to register and enjoy coffee, tea, bagels and fruit. Relax as everyone settles in.

9:00-9:20am : Introduction, welcome

Bret and Kevin and the crew welcome you to Asbury Agile. We *may* have a special speaker. Stay tuned.

9:20-10:00am : Social By Design

Chris Ackermann, Facebook

You're designing and building the next great mobile application or web experience and have all the features in place for world domination. The user experience of the product is well thought-out and tested and the design is simply amazing. There's only one thing missing: users. And their friends. And their friends' friends. The fuel for the growth of your world-dominating product.

Social design is a way of thinking about product design that puts social experiences at the core. Chris will discuss the elements of social design and provide tips and tricks on how to best leverage the features of Facebook Platform to create awesome experiences that drive heavy user engagement and viral growth.

10:00-10:40am : Interface Sketching: From Paciugo to Product

Michael Angeles, Balsamiq

Sketching is a powerful, cost-saving tool for discovering the right design early before touching code or graphics. It's an essential part of an iterative design process and should not be hard to do. We'll chat about why we sketch, how to master interface and interaction design sketching using the ideas from Mike's sketch manifesto, and how to turn a mess of ideas and requirements into product interfaces.

10:40-10:55am : Sponsor Talk


Local Red Bank startup and Platinum sponsor StormDB takes the floor to discuss their product.

10:55-11:10am : Break

Grab a coffee or tea, take a break, or meet someone new.

11:10-11:50am : Your Execution Year

Robert Spectre, Twilio

Pro tips on life after your B round from your 30th employee.

11:50-12:30pm : What UX Research can you do with 5 users in 1 hour?

Tomer Sharon, Google

When an 'agile' organization wants to do UX research, there's almost always an issue with research not being fast enough. Nevertheless, it's very easy to do fast, crappy research many people are happy with. This talk will first identify the heart and soul of good research: focused research questions. We will then discuss three fast, high-quality techniques you can implement with 5 users in 1 hour for better understanding what users need, for organizing a product, and improving its design: experience sampling, card sorting, and usability testing.

12:30-1:30pm : Lunch

Stretch those legs and grab a lunch at one of the local Asbury Park restaurants.

1:30-2:10pm : Programming: the new literacy for the 21st century

Sasha Laundy, Codecademy

Literacy used to be a skill that only a select few had access to, and those who controlled the printing presses controlled the power of the written word. Software is on a similar trajectory. As it becomes more powerful and more deeply woven into our lives, knowing basic programming is increasingly empowering, making professionals in every field more effective and turning consumers into makers. How is learning programming unlocking new skills around the world, and how can you get involved?

2:10-2:50pm : Modern Web Apps

Srdjan Strbanovic, Cignium

HTML5 introduces many cutting-edge features that enable developers to create apps with functionality, speed and performance that matches desktop counterparts. We'll review characteristics of great Web Apps, as well as practical applications of HTML5 features that are enabling them. Since HTML5 includes wide range of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript APIs improvements, for this short talk, we'll focus on evolution of Web Apps, overview the current state and sneak peak into what is just around the corner (and very exciting!).

2:50-3:10pm : Break

Caffeine up, or grab a water, stretch those legs, and meet someone new.

3:10-3:50pm : Responsive Design VS Separate Mobile Sites: Presidential Smackdown Edition

Robert Frost, R/GA

The US presidential race is heading into full swing, and the candidates will soon be intensely debating the country's hot-button issues. The web design world is entrenched in its own debate about how to address the mobile web: should you create a separate mobile site or create a responsive experience instead?

It just so happens that the two US presidential candidates have chosen different mobile web strategies for their official websites. In the red corner is Republican candidate Mitt Romney's dedicated mobile site, while in the blue corner is incumbent president Barack Obama's responsive website. Which will prevail? Watch the battle unfold as we dissect the candidates' sites to uncover best practices and common mobile web pitfalls.

3:50-4:30pm : Designing Data

Matt Bango, Chartbeat

More info soon.

4:30-4:45pm : Break

Bar opens up. Grab a coffee, water, and stretch the legs!

4:45-5:30pm : API Driven Development

Kenneth Reitz, Heroku

This talk will focus on developer/user interaction, the philosophy behind the code we write, service oriented architecture, and layering APIs.

5:30-5:45pm : Short Closing, Thank you!

Final announcements, hi-fives, and big thanks to everyone!

5:45-6:00pm : Break

One more short break before we begin the Startup Throwdown!

6:00-6:30pm : StormDB Startup Throwdown/After Party

At the end of the conference day (approximately 6pm) we are opening up the floor to 5 startups to pitch their ideas to the audience. Each startup receives 5 minutes to pitch, and about 2 minutes for q&a. Attendees will vote for the winner. The winning startup receives $100 donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth County and 3 months of free coworking at www.cowerks.com for one individual.

You also get the attention of the 100+ attendees.

Want to apply? Fill out the application!

This part of the conference is, of course, open to attendees but we also invite anyone else interested to visit Watermark after 6pm to join the fun. If you are not one of the attendees but are planning on attending let us know - join us!.


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