This is our first year introducing workshops (on Thursday) and we are excited to kick things off with three terrific workshops on the Thursday before the conference. Register today!
Seating is limited! Have any questions? Just ask!

Generative Art

Generative art is a fantastic way to fall in love with development all over again. As well as a way to explore your more creative, artistic and scientific side!

Join Tim for this workshop and you'll come away with a better understanding and appreciation for your craft, and perhaps take something physical away at the end of the day as well!

This is a 1/2 day workshop. The workshop will run from 1:30-4:30pm on Thursday, October 5th. There will be lunch provided at 12:30 before the workshop. Please bring a laptop to participate in the coding sessions.

Learn more about Tim and check out his Generative Artistry website.

Register for Generative Art with Tim Holman.

Cryptocurrency as a New Capital Raising Tool - The “New” Choice: Debt, Equity or Tokenization

In this workshop we will explore using cryptocurrency as a means of raising capital for your startup.

We will cover topics such as:

  • The historical reasons one could choose debt vs. equity based financing
  • The advantages tokenization offers as an alternative or a hybrid solution for fundraising
  • The ability tokens have to mimic debt and equity based financing
  • You will also learn when tokenizaation is a good choice over debt or equity financing

The workshop will run from 10:30-12:30pm on Thursday, October 5th. There will be lunch provided at 12:30 after the workshop.

Register for the Cryptocurrency workshop with David Sorin.

Let's Play Agile

In this workshop you will work in both small and large teams to tackle situations that mimic real life scenarios: handling shifting priorities, maintaining flexibility, collaborating across teams, working with limited resources, resolving conflicting objectives, and managing various stakeholder opinions.

Join us for an interactive session where you confront these challenges and get a chance to debrief on some key takeaways and lessons - emphasizing group communication, leadership dynamics, cooperation, patience, strategy, and problem solving skills.

This is a 1/2 day workshop. The workshop will run from 1:30-4:30pm on Thursday, October 5th. There will be lunch provided at 12:30 before the workshop.

Register for the Let's Play Agile workshop with Neha Agarwal, Rakesh Gidwani, Daniella Schneider, Chris Shei.

About the Teachers

Below are the featured workshop teachers, listed alphebetically by last name

About Neha Agarwal

Neha Agarwal is a leader who works directly with technology team at Jet/Walmart .com to drive key technology initiatives such as site reliability and platform engineering. After spending nearly a decade working in Retail and Technology for prestigious firms, Neha knows what truly drives the execution of technology programs as a liaison between project stakeholders - and it’s not mastering the technology. It’s how well you shift seamlessly between big picture strategy and the smallest details of technical execution to help business connect the dots throughout their organizational strategy.

Neha believes that its not only top level management but all organizational levels that need to contribute to streamline process, reduce bureaucracy and remove jams or PB&J (Process, Bureaucracy and Jams) as it is popularly known. Neha has led successful large change initiatives, multi-million dollar program and project portfolios, and large scale strategic planning process.

Neha holds a Master in Business Administration in Organizational Behavior from Ohio University.

About Rakesh Gidwani

Rakesh Gidwani is a Sr. Director of Engineering at Jet.com where he manages the Technical Excellence team that is responsible for Technical Project Management, and Technical Learning. He is a technologist at heart and prior to Jet he worked at various investment banks building trading systems. He is interested in building successful teams and hopes to build his own tech startup someday. He is also interested in deep learning and likes to build machine learning models when he is not working. He is a craft beer connoisseur, a foodie and loves to try new restaurants!

About Tim Holman

Tim's a tinkerer, tuner & tamperer who's been around the block. Check out Tim's on github, codepen, and Twitter. Also check out his two recent talks (JSConf.Asia 2018 and CSSConf Australia ), and his guest appearance on the popular ShopTalk podcast Episode 165.

About Daniella Schneider

Daniella Schneider is a Distinguished Principal Program Manager at Jet.com

Daniella is a Program Manager helping to build a world class ecommerce platform at Jet. Directly working with the Information Security team to drive initiatives that continue to make Jet more secure. She is continuously defining, implementing, and measuring success of various processes across engineering and product teams to ensure organizational visibility, traceability, and reporting.

Prior to Jet, Daniella worked in the Martech sector leading and managing the development of a 45+ member team across the global documentation, agile, program, technical support, & incident/problem teams with focus around people scale, durable architecture, relevant delivery, & value stream optimization.

When not working, Daniella enjoys taking her dog on neighborhood strolls and planning the next family vacation.

About Chris Shei

Chris Shei is a Technical Evangelist @ Jet.com

Chris Shei is the technical evangelist for Jet.com where he explores trending tech and helps Jet’s engineering org build stronger relationships with the external tech community.

Chris enjoys boxing, photography, poker, traveling, and whatever other activities catch his interest at the time. When free, he writes about how to live a fun and interesting life on his blog Bespoke Life.

About David Sorin

Dave Sorin is an office managing partner of McCarter & English and the head of the Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies practice. He focuses primarily on privately- and publicly-owned startup, early stage, emerging growth, and middle market technology, tech-enabled and life science enterprises, as well as the investors, executives, and boards of directors who support and lead them. Dave has a long track record of successful representation of growth companies, having been repeatedly recognized by well-known periodicals for a unique combination of legal acumen and sound business judgment. He also brings to bear his broad range of knowledge and experience in counseling enterprises and investors in diverse emerging growth markets, technology industries (including software, information technology, e-commerce, cybersecurity and communications), and life sciences. Many of the companies he represents are well-known names throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.