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Collection of photographs from Asbury Agile 2019

Asbury Agile is less about agile methodologies, and more about being an agile, well rounded, nimble professional. Topics range across disciplines and the intimate event allows for open and informal discussions.

The 2019 Asbury Agile conference marks the 9th consectutive year for Asbury Agile. With over 200 attendees, the event is a laid back, informal day for everyone to share and learn new ideas, hang out with old friends, and make new ones. We're extremely lucky to be a part of the great and growing tech community here at the Jersey Shore.

Born from the Jersey Shore Tech meetup (founded in 2010), Asbury Agile speakers, attendees, and sponsors come from various backgrounds and skills but all connected in some manner to the building of great products with great people. Also in attendance is a group of high school students from the surrounding area and their teachers, all who attend the event for free. Together this makes for a unique event.

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Code of Conduct

All participants are expected to behave respectfully to each other. Further details are available in our Code of Conduct. We expect it to be honoured by all attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program

We are seeking to increase attendance and participation across all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, sexual orientation, and military service. We are making a number of free tickets available to members of underrepresented groups in the technical community. More info and application here.

Previous Asbury Agile Events

This year will be the 9th annual Asbury Agile. It's amazing to look back at the our first Jersey Shore Tech meetup in 2010 and see the now vibrant community here at the Jersey Shore.

Previous Asbury Agile Speakers

  • Chris Ackermann, Facebook
  • Michael Angeles, Balsamiq
  • Matt Bango, Chartbeat
  • Ronnie Battista, Slalom Consulting
  • Jonathan Berger, Pivotal Labs
  • Gad Berger, Jet.com
  • Marine Boudeau, WNYC/NYPR
  • Emily Brick, Buzzfeed
  • Guedis Cardenas Cabrera, iCIMS
  • Chandra Carney, Aetna Health
  • Janet Choi, Customer.io
  • Jen Dary, Arc90
  • Jake Dawkins, Major League Soccer
  • Mike Delasio, Pivotal Labs
  • Mike Dirolf, Fiesta.CC
  • Sarah Doody, UX Professional
  • Iheanyi Ekechukwu, DigitalOcean
  • Tami Evnin, Nasdaq OMX
  • Chris Fetherston, Tumblr
  • Brad Frost, R/GA
  • Ted Goas, Stack Overflow
  • Katie Giraulo, Capital One
  • Jeff Gothelf, The Ladders, Agile UX NYC
  • Cemre Güngör, Branch/Potluck
  • Jonnie Hallman, Cushion
  • John Henry, Cofound Harlem & AREA
  • Tim Holman, Wieden + Kennedy
  • Tyler Hopf, IrisVR
  • Mackenzie Kosut, Amazon
  • Sasha Laundy, Codecademy
  • Amélie Lamont, thoughtbot
  • Joe Lifrieri, Vimeo
  • Lisa Luo, Kickstarter
  • Amjad Masad, Facebook
  • Jonny McLaughlin, GIPHY
  • Allison McKnight, Etsy
  • Diana Mounter, Etsy
  • Sean O'Connor, Bitly
  • Charlie O'Donnell, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
  • Adekunle Oduye, JustWorks
  • Whitney Quesenbery, Rosenfeld Media
  • Peggy Rayzis, Apollo
  • Kenneth Reitz, Heroku
  • Fiona Rolander, Bontouch
  • Matt Rogish, CTO at Funding Gates
  • David Rossitter, Huge Inc
  • Ricky Saporta, Vydia
  • Jenn Schiffer, Bocoup
  • Jon Schlossberg, Bonobos
  • Tomer Sharon, Google
  • Brenda Storer, Deft Services
  • Srdjan Strbanovic, Cignium Technologies
  • Mike Streko, KnowEm
  • Mona Soni, Dow Jones / The Wall Street Journal
  • David Sorin, McCarter & English
  • Rob Spectre, Twilio
  • Scott Watermasyk, Co-Founder KickOff Labs
  • Cap Watkins, Buzzfeed
  • Ken Wheeler, Formidable Labs
  • Devon Yarbrough, EY
  • Jenna Zilincar, M Studio

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