We're excited to continue to offer workshops on the Thursday before the conference event. Below are the two featured workshops.The first, Building Front-End Applications, Rapidly is the morning workshop. The second, Words Matter: Sharing Vocabulary to Strengthen Team Communication, is the afternoon workshop. Registration information is below.

Building Front-End Applications, Rapidly

This workshop will be held on October 3rd, 9:30-11:30. Register for this workshop.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to build modern web applications using React. We'll start by getting your first React application off the ground using Facebook's create-react-app before moving on to how to build and test React components. By the end of the workshop, you'll have acquired front-end development skills and learned some best practices for structuring your React projects.


Carlos Limardo; Carlos is a Software Engineer on the UI Components team at iCIMS, where he is responsible for architecting their design system and helping build out the iCIMS component library. Born in the Dominican Republic but raised on the Jersey Shore, Carlos is a self-taught developer with more than 18 years of experience touching every part of the stack. When he's not at work on his MacBook, he's at home on his MacBook learning about the latest open source technology or hanging out by the water with his two kids.

Parish Regn-Stillwaggon; Parish is a Software Engineer on the UX Framework Engineering team at iCIMS, where he works on the iCIMS front-end platform. An NJ native and developer of 16 years, Parish started programming games in C++ but is now a full stack web engineer who is always looking to learn something new. Outside of work, Parish is an avid gamer who also loves a good karaoke night.

Words Matter: Sharing Vocabulary to Strengthen Team Communication

This workshop will be held on October 3rd, 1:00-3:00. Register for this workshop.

Design is complicated, but sometimes not as complicated as it feels when you are speaking about design with your cross-functional colleagues. In this workshop we will navigate key moments before, during, and after a project when wires tend to get crossed and expectations are poorly set due to miscommunication. We will discuss why it is important to kick off projects with a shared vocabulary that everyone on the team understands, and how not being intentional and concrete about the words we use can cause friction amongst your team, and increase additional risk to the success of your project. Looking across the stages of design, we will start to layer on this vocabulary to help our teams make decisions, set expectations, and articulate how we arrived at our final designs.


Alex is the Director of User Experience at Macmillan Learning overseeing the digital product design for tools and platform serving students across the country. Alex has made a career of straddling the line between design and development starting off developing games and simulation in the Media & Entertainment industry with clients such as Nike, Disney, and Viacom, and later honing in on education. As a lifelong learner he’s expanded into user research and learning science to guide his product development. Alex is also an adjunct instructor at NYU teaching “Coding of Learning Experience Designers” to the next generation of educational technology innovators.

Alex is also a past speaker at the Jersey Shore Tech meetup, leading the popular "Bringing Ideas to Life: Product Design and Prototyping with Alex Britez".

And for those still curious, check out some photos from last year's awesome workshops below... team leading the interactive Let's Play Agile workshop Tim Holman starting things off at the Generative Art workshop David Sorin leading the conversation at the Cryptocurrency as a New Capital Raising Tool workshop team kicking off the Let's Play Agile workshop